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Rubicon Group

Rubicon Lighting forms part of Rubicon Group, positioning it perfectly to collaborate on projects and provide expert solutions that meet the needs of every client.

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift towards sustainable energy, resource efficiency and independence, and automation. Rubicon Group drives this transition through advancing the adoption of transformative technologies such as:

• renewable energy generation and storage;
• electric vehicle charging infrastructure;
• factory, warehouse, building and home automation;
• efficient lighting and lighting automation;
• holistic insights, analytics and monitoring

Our partner offering includes a curated basket of technology products, analytical services and online tools, an omni-channel purchasing experience, end-to-end logistics, access to finance, technical support and monitoring.

Rubicon Group’s head office is in Cape Town, South Africa, and the group operates across South Africa and in select African and European markets, employing nearly 500 staff.

Our sister site:

Rubicon Lighting is a leading supplier of specialised certified commercial, industrial and architectural lighting solutions. We are solutions-driven and offer added value services such as lighting design capabilities, customised luminaires, high levels of technical support to optimize the installation, and vast experience in delivering the desired result to the client.

Rubicon Automation offers an automated Building Management System (BMS) and associated hardware, which is simple and personalised and, most importantly, allows homes and commercial sites to maximise their energy savings and work off a centralized platform.


Rubicon Energy is a product and services hub focused on the decentralization, digitalisation and decarbonisation of energy in emerging markets. We are the preferred local channel partner and brand champion for the world’s leading renewable technologies.

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